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Seemaa is a budding master of hindustani classical music in the San Francisco bay area. She obtained a degree of Sangeet Visharad in classical vocal music from Pt. Gangadhar Rao Tailang of the Gwalior Gharana at the Gandharva Mahavidyalaya at Kanpur (UP), India. Then, she moved to Delhi and joined the Sangeet Alankar program at Gandharva Mahavidyalaya in Delhi under the guidance of Late Sri Vinodji.

Seemaa has performed publicly, on TV, and given music direction in several prime time TV serials. She also sings bhajans, gazals, geets and other forms of light music.

Recently, Seemaa has released a cassette of Hindi Bhajans by the name of Haristuti (See on the right).

Seemaa also offers classes in hindustani classical vocal music at her residence to students of all ages.

Contact Information:

Tel: (408) 425-9925
email: seemaa@seemaaproductions.com

Haristuti: Hindi Bhajans

Haristuti is a collection of hindi bhajans (devotional songs) sung by Seemaa. The bhajans have been written by well known Sufi Saints and poets (Kabir, Meera, Tulidas, Malukdas etc.). The music has been composed by Mr. R.P. Sinha who is also a disciple of Pt. Gangadhar Rao Tailang. The bhajans are punctuated by a short introduction in English. The music is traditionally devotional (Bhakti) and Seemaa's melodious voice makes it an incredible spiritual experience.

The Haristuti cassette was digitally recorded and mastered in India. For information regarding purchasing, please contact Seemaa.

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